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IOS Minaret Vol-1, No.1 (March 2007)
Vol. 10    Issue 10   01-16 October 2015

In Step with the Times, and in a Headscarf

Minaret Research Network

There is widespread but erroneous perception among non-Muslims that the headscarf or veil worn by Muslim women around the world is a retrogressive custom, an outmoded relic of the past, which hinders the development of their personality and the unfolding of their potentialities and prevents them from participating in economic, social, professional and political activities. The fact of the matter is that Muslim women do not generally perceive the veil as a hindrance and that millions of headscarved Muslim women are actively engaged in wide-ranging activities, including education, career, science, medicine, law, architecture, journalism, sports, music, business, flying, car racing, social activism, fil making, mountaineering, law enforcement and government and politics.

This photo-feature provides glimpses into this fascinating aspect of Muslim societies around the world.

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